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Recreational Gymnastics Classes

For information on our recreational gymnastics classes, pricing, locations and more, click below:


**Please take the time to read our Recreational Policies**

We hope to make a difference in the lives of our students. Our purpose and goal is to safely develop happy, healthy, and confident children. Safety is a key component and a top priority here at Everest. We believe that participation in our program will greatly increase physical abilities and build self confidence that will last a lifetime!  We want children to feel good about themselves, to increase their fitness levels, and to develop social skills and good habits for a healthy life style through participation in gymnastics.

In all of our recreational classes, our students will still focus on developing the foundational skills. Our students must learn these to move up, along with additional skills & terminology to help prepare for the next level such as:

  • Physical Preparedness -, the students must have the strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and power to perform the skills properly to develop a sense of competence. 
  • Mental Preparedness - children need to be able to concentrate and focus their minds long and deeply enough to successfully and safely perform the skill. 
  • Emotional Preparedness - children need to be capable of controlling their emotions to perform and behave properly. Young children, while in your preschool age classes, are learning how to manage their feelings including fear, excitement, anger and joy. We need to make sure they are expressed in safe and appropriate ways. 
  • Social Preparedness - children need to be able to work together, keep their hands to themselves and cooperate as a group. Taking turns and showing respect for others is important in any class situation.

Safety is a key component and a top priority here at Everest while providing an encouraging and fun environment for children! 

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